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EMUSIC Monthly Top 20 Report for November, 2004


WDIY 88.1 FM "EMUSIC" Top 20 for November, 2004.
Shows #398 to #401; 4-November-2004 to 25-November-2004
Reported in non-ranked, alphanumeric order.
Compiled by Bill Fox

Andreas Akwara and Bjorn Lutz - Ambush - AA Music
Barry Schrader - EAM - Innova
Bas Broekhuis - The Escher Drawings - Groove
Callisto - Signal to the Stars - AD Music
centrozoon - Blast - DiN
Create - Reflections from the Inner Light - Groove
Frank Klare - Monumental Dreams - Groove
Frank Van Bogaert - Closer - Groove
Gert Emmens - Waves of Dreams - Groove
Greg Davis - Somnia - Kranky
Harald Grosskopf - Yeti Society - Groove
Markus Reuter and Ian Boddy - Pure - DiN
Rob Papen - Daydreamer - RPMusic
Shalmaneser - Feature Wars - Circular System
Spacecraft - Spacecraft - Lektronic Soundscapes
Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf, and Mark Seelig - Mantram - Projekt
Touch X Tone - Eye Drum and Beyond - none
Various Artists - Soundscape Gallery 1 - Lektronic Soundscapes
Various Artists - Soundscape Gallery 2 - Lektronic Soundscapes
Various Artists - Soundscape Gallery 3 - Lektronic Soundscapes

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11:04 pm EST (GMT-5:00) on WDIY 88.1 FM in Allentown and Bethlehem and 
93.9 FM
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