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Re: baffling EDP & All Access problem

Jeff Larson wrote:
You say "not sending MIDI data on the EDP's defined channel".  So are
some messages being sent, just not on the EDP channel?  What are they?
Does one of them look like a Record command, but on a different channel?
Exactly.  After resetting a loop using a Long-Press of Record, I'm switching presets on my other processors via the All Access.  The only thing that is getting sent is MIDI program changes.  In this case, on channel 1 & 3 (the EDP is set to channel 4).  
From what I remember of the AA, you can cause the state of the instant
access switches to be stored in each preset, which will then be sent
whenever the preset is selected.   This is useful for toggle switches
that control things like an effects unit, but is not what you want
for momentary switches controlling the EDP.  Make sure you have
not stored switch state in the AA preset.  I forget what AA calls this,
you need to configure the switches as "momentary" rather than "toggle".
I think you may be referring to setting the instant access switches to either "global" or "preset."  Mine is set to "global".   I've double check that they are also set to "momentary" - which, if I remember right, was the only setting that I could get it to work with the EDP properly.


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