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Re: baffling EDP & All Access problem

> I'm hoping some of you EDP and All Access users can help me troubleshoot 
> this weirdness.
> I'm using the All Access to control various functions of the EDP via its 
> Instant Access Switches (setup as MIDI VirtualButtons).  I have one 
> setup as Record. Everything works fine until I Long-Press Record.  The 
> current loop resets fine, but if I change to a different preset on the 
> Access, the EDP begins recording even though the new preset is not 
> any MIDI information on the EDP's defined MIDI channel.  Any ideas as to 
> what is happening?
> Matt


I strongly doubt that the edp starts recording without getting a midi 

I would recommend that you read your all acces midi output with a midi 
monitor like midi ox