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Re:Stuck EDP

>  I can't seem to get the EDP "unstuck." I've tried the long "multiply" 
> general reset and the long record button reset. I've turned off the EDP 
> and turned it back on, but it keeps turning on in some strange mode that 
> lets me record a new loop but it keeps recording after I hit the record 
> button again to stop.

Quick answer. Long Undo in Reset.

>IIt seems to be remembering something that I would rather have it forget.

Long Answer. Yes, it seems you inadvertently programmed a BPM setting.
When in reset, you can hit "Undo", and use the Feedback knob to enter a 
Then the EDP calculates loop length based on 8th/Cycle.
This stays in memory, and can be saved to a Preset.
It can then be removed by entering Reset and pressing a Long Undo.

If you need to reset to factory settings (which you don't this time) 
hold down the parameter button when you switch the machine on.

andy butler