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Re: baffling EDP & All Access problem


I used a MIDI monitor as you suggested and confirmed that the All Access 
is not sending any MIDI data on the EDP's channel.  Another LD member 
emailed me privately, no doubt for fear of reprisals, and said he has 
had similar problems.  Perhaps I've stumbled upon a 
bug....errr...undocumented feature of the EDP.  Maybe Kim will chime in 
and set us all straight.


>> I'm hoping some of you EDP and All Access users can help me 
>> troubleshoot this weirdness.
>> I'm using the All Access to control various functions of the EDP via 
>> its Instant Access Switches (setup as MIDI VirtualButtons).  I have 
>> one switch setup as Record. Everything works fine until I Long-Press 
>> Record.  The current loop resets fine, but if I change to a different 
>> preset on the All Access, the EDP begins recording even though the 
>> new preset is not sending any MIDI information on the EDP's defined 
>> MIDI channel.  Any ideas as to what is happening?
>> Matt
> Matt
> I strongly doubt that the edp starts recording without getting a midi 
> message.
> I would recommend that you read your all acces midi output with a midi 
> monitor like midi ox
> www.midiox.com/
> Claude