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Re: baffling EDP & All Access problem

If you have other devices between the EDP and the All Access, make sure to 
monitor the midi stream as you use it.  That is, hook up your PC to the 
EDP thru instead of the All Access midi out.  It could be that something 
between them is causing the problem.

At 06:43 PM 2004.12.06, Matthew F. McCabe wrote:
>I used a MIDI monitor as you suggested and confirmed that the All Access 
>is not sending any MIDI data on the EDP's channel.  Another LD member 
>emailed me privately, no doubt for fear of reprisals, and said he has had 
>similar problems.  Perhaps I've stumbled upon a 
>bug....errr...undocumented feature of the EDP.  Maybe Kim will chime in 
>and set us all straight.