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At 3:37 PM -0800 12/5/04, loop.pool wrote:

>I think of myself as a visual primitive or a visual wannabee.
>I make all the artwork on my CDs by using Photoshop's plugins in the 
>same way that I use guitar stomp box pedals to morph audio.

I was into visuals years before I did anything serious with music or 
sound art. A lot of my early playthings were sculpted plasticine 
monsters and hand-made spaceships and robots. I also drew a lot and 
made collages. Collage and assemblage concepts and procedures are an 
obvious influence on my live music and studio composition.

>Lastly,   I really want to get into creating very minimalistic and 
>impressionistic visual loops to project during my shows.  I have all 
>the software necessary to do this but I'm still stuck being unable 
>to afford
>those pricey LCD projectors.  ( I know, I know, they've really come 
>down in price but they are still in the $1,000 range which is out of 
>my possible budget).  One can dream, of course!!!!!

I'm dreaming in that direction too. The projectors I've been lusting 
after are a little pricier, being in the $1,500-$1,800 range. This is 
because I've been looking at XGA resolution and brighter lamps.

I've done a lot of performances with visuals, primarily with a 
combination of multiple slide projectors on multiple screens together 
with movement performance and manipulation of simple props. At some 
point I'll put some images up on the Web.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202