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Man, I wish I could afford one of those LCD projectors too! And my own company (HP) even makes a kick ass one that is about $1800. It is a beautiful piece of technology about the size of a cigar box.  I'd like to project my videos of microscopic organisms behind and on me.  There is another cost effective method where you use one of those $150 overhead transparancy projectors and some adaptor that reflects your PC screen. All you would need is a laptop for that. Here is one for $66: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=3698&item=5143808717&rd=1
Better than nothing I suppose.
Krispen Hartung
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From: loop.pool [mailto:looppool@cruzio.com]
Sent: Sunday, December 05, 2004 4:37 PM

been loving the list lately:  a lot of really creative, informative and thought provoking posts.
The constraint/randomness thread has veered into a discussion about
loopers and visual arts.
I think of myself as a visual primitive or a visual wannabee.
I make all the artwork on my CDs by using Photoshop's plugins in the same way that I
use guitar stomp box pedals to morph audio.
I also love hand imagery and my house if full of a collection of photos, statues, furntiture,paintings,
toys of Hands so , consequently,  I try to make little found object sculptures of hands, drawings of hands
and computer generated art with hand themes.   My studio is called Purple Hand Studio and I've both
made many purple and black hands and also commissioned a half a dozen artists to make
hands for it using only blueish Purples, Black or Clear (in the case of glass artists), so the whole room
(with purple computers/screens, et. al.) is full of those objects.
I am also fascinated by toy photography and am part of the toy photography tribe at tribe dot net, which is a very, very creative group of artists.   Go check out the gallery there, I have a few photographs in the gallery.   I'm on the verge of proposing a CT Collective BICYCLE multi media project to go along with the
TC (Toy Camera) tribe BICYLCE project in the spring.
Lastly,   I really want to get into creating very minimalistic and impressionistic visual loops to project during my shows.  I have all the software necessary to do this but I'm still stuck being unable to afford
those pricey LCD projectors.  ( I know, I know, they've really come down in price but they are still in the
$1,000 range which is out of my possible budget).  One can dream, of course!!!!!
in the loopers who do visual art category, check out the beautiful and minimalistic CD cover artistry of
Claude Voit.    He is an artist!!