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Dr. Z wrote:
"I'm dreaming in that direction too. The projectors I've been lusting
after are a little pricier, being in the $1,500-$1,800 range. This is
because I've been looking at XGA resolution and brighter lamps.

I know,  those are the ones I"ve lusted after as well and they are way out
of my ability to afford.    I've been thinking about
seeing if I could write some kind of a grant for a project that would 
this equipment and see if I could hookwink some foundation into paying for
the projector.   Probably a pipe dream but you never know.  Stranger 

Dr. Z also wrote:
"I've done a lot of performances with visuals, primarily with a
combination of multiple slide projectors on multiple screens together
with movement performance and manipulation of simple props. At some
point I'll put some images up on the Web."

Wow, Richard,  I have so much respect for everything I"ve ever heard you 
or do that I would
love to see some of your images on the Web.   I thought that someday many 
years from now I might
get the courage to do a gallery show with my modest hand art.   It's 
creative if technically
 unsophisticated.   Then again,  one of my favorite art museums on the 
planet is the wonderful folk
art museum outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.    If you ever want to see an 
awesome display of
Hand milagros from all over the world, they have it there.