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On Sun, Dec 05, 2004 at 03:37:23PM -0800, loop.pool wrote:

> I think of myself as a visual primitive or a visual wannabee.
> I make all the artwork on my CDs by using Photoshop's plugins in the 
>same way that I
> use guitar stomp box pedals to morph audio.
        heh. I hadn't thought about it before you mentioned this, but
for a long time my main visual art outlet was creating abstract
tiling images, often by manipulating simple drawings with tons
of processing. It had never occured to me the obvious similarities
with my loop based music. 

        simple idea -> mondo processing -> manipulated to repeat endlessly

        I mostly used Gimp[1] to do the image processing, sometimes
hacking in new features to allow me to more easily do this 
(http://adrian.gimp.org/texture_tut/ is an example of this). 

        Now that I think about it, the image I usually use as
a user icon/avatar/etc on sites that have it is an image that
tiles in x and y, and loops in time[2]

        Now you've got me wondering what the literary/video/etc
parallels to that basic process are?

(I don't seem to have many examples online anymore, but
theres a few more at http://www.japanairband.com/adrian/textures/)

ps. I don't mean to keep highjacking this thread to point
at my stuff, just hard to explain without a good example
or two...

[1] http://www.gimp.org
[2] http://adrian.gimp.org/melt.html 

Adrian Likins