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Re: Help Me!!Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro

hi Frederik

>About the Undo Function, Andy, you say that the device doesn't know where 
>a overdub starts and ends, and that there might be another layer over the 
>overdub (maybe not loud enough to notice) when the Undo function acts a 
>bit funny.  The thing is, when I overdub (and I make sure the overdub is 
>inside of 1 cycle) I never leave the overdub on.
>So I hit the button and start playing right away and when the overdub is 
>finished I hit the button again right away.  So it is impossible that 
>there would be another layer over the overdub, I think.
>  But I'll check the manual on that as you suggested.  I hope that'll 
> me some insight on how the Undo function works on the EDP. Thanks...
>Take Care, Frederik

Even though your O/D isn't layering on itself, it could still be crossing 
the StartPoint.
Or feedback could be less than 127.

Anyway, I'm sure your unit isn't faulty.

With your new volume setup, you could try bringing the Output back up a 
bit  instead of increasing your amp Input vol.
(but if it sounds good as it is, why bother )