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since most of the discussion has centered around
incorporating visuals w/ live looping performances
(could try slides, or get old movie projectors, that
was a pretty common thing for multi-media artists back
in 80's-90's, using found films or making your own).

one option no one has mentioned yet, is doing video
project and have it broadcast on local public access
cable...i'm currently working on project #2 for local
broadcast in iowa city (IA) area...believe me i have
the cheapest of tools-crappy video camera (which
picture is fading fast-more grain the
better(?)-transfer to (or call it edit) to VHS machine
and ta-da-instant crappy  (looping) video...i sort of
think of myself as the wayne's world quality of
loopers, my first project actually had 2 segments of
me playing my looper stuff live in my studio, and i
was able to get two 15-min segments, now w/ my
youngest at 1 yr old, the new project has more shorter
pieces w/ the kids coming in an hitting me on the head
w/ plastic shovels and stuff (just finished talking
about dada and fluxus in art apprec class, so i let
anything go), and i put little transitional pieces,
mostly playing w/ the toys around the house and have
my prerecorded loop compostions playing in the
background. they're fun to work on, cheezy in a sense,
but in the end, pretty cheap to do, and hey i'm
offering some alternative programming for my area.
guess it also gives me a chance to play my new
handbuilt tesla/klein guitar project also.....s---
ps-i will say the challenge of coming up w/
interesting stuff live in a looping format is hard...
even on video in my comfy cozy basement studio (and i
also put some of my paintings in the background so
it's not just masonite storage doors for backdrops...)

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