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RE: Marie Osmond on Tzara tone poem (was: Britany Spears on Looping

Hmmm, you're right. That's odd; multiple Google hits
attribute it to Tzara. Are you implying that not
EVERYTHING on the internet is scrupulously accurate?!
And what's this about D&M being members of Deep
Purple? :P

Actually, that makes it even weirder, as it's evidence
that Marie's Dadabbling wasn't just a one-time thing
that had her all a-Schwitters! She probably wore Man
Ray sunglasses too, and played an Arp like a


Donny: (sings, toothily) I'm a little bit country...
Marie: jolifanto bambla o falli bambla
grossiga m'pfa habla horem
egiga goramen
higo bloiko russula huju
hollaka hollala
anlogo bung
blago bung
blago bung
bosso fataka
   schampa wulla wussa olobo
hej tatta gorem
eschige zunbada
wulubu ssubudu uluw ssubudu
tumpa ba-umf

--- Richard Zvonar <zvonar@zvonar.com> wrote:
> "Karawane" was by Hugo Ball, founder of Cabaret
> Voltaire.

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