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  Collaborating with  visual artists is a very good idea. I have in the 
when I needed video
  shot/edited , found students who needed projects.I found it necessary to 
be very clear about what I wanted.  Anyway I'm sure there must be loads of 
people doing computer animations that would love an audience  and who have 
no experience with staging events .Of course there's the projector problem 
again .Performances at schools could possibly use school gear. In high 
population zones I'm sure digital projectors can be rented. We used to do 
light shows with slide ,overhead,opaque and film projectors,collaged. I 
to run films backwards. Project on weather ballons. But just 2 carouel 
projectors with auto advance and lap dissolve projected onto the stage 
interesting images can be very effective,they don't have to change alot or 
rapidly.One of the things I liked about Laurie Anderson's show,before she 
got big,when she just had one tech was how minimalist ,but effective it 
Fr example, there was an image projected,about  7' across that looked like 
an old "primitive" tribal stone carving of a face,something seemed really 
familiar about it though -oh it's a 3 prong electric  socket,only the 
is degraded from being projected so big and it looks like rough 
  Another thing she did was wave her violin bow around in a rapid circle 
over her head while a slide was being projected on it,getting a flicker 
fusion effect that made the image look like it was spinning.
  The Burning Man crowd is a very good audience to target.