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seamless loops

Testing? Testing? 1 2? 1 2?
Ok, hi to every one, my name is Jean-Philippe Rykiel, I'm a Blind synthesizer player, and I like using loops from time to time in my music. As you can guess, , many of today's looping tools, especially computer based ones,  are not accessible to blinds, but a friend of mine who will probably recognize him self sold me his repeater, oh, poor guy, he almost cried that day, and I must say it's a really cool machine. But I have one small problem and I would like to know what you think :
my repeater has I believe the latest software
> update and when I try and
> loop a continues sound, I hear ...  Not exactly a click,
> more a sort of very small crossfade between end and
> start of loop. I don't think it is a phase problem
> either because it even happens while using the
> repeater as an echo unit.
I have a system that normally works for seamless loops, which is to put the looper in record and slowly turn up the sound I want to put into it, and then slowly turning it down, so that there is no brutal change in the signal, and freeze it afterwards. Well that works in every machine I've tried except for my repeater.
> I think someone told me that there was a hardware
> modification that could solve the problem is this
> true?
> Best regards to you!you!you!you!you.

> Jean-Philippe Rykiel