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electrix filter factory issues

all right, i know this is way off topic, but i'm not sure where else to 
turn.   i put this on the electrix forum page, but i thought that i might 
have better luck here.   (the filter factory is central to my looping 
project, live capture remix, so perhaps i might beg leniency there.)

my filter factory just went kaput.   here are the symptoms, 1. it's like 
filter is "leaking" in a way that it didn't do before.  like if i have it 
set on lowpass and turned all the way down, you still get a little low 
signal coming through.   it's like it won't go to 20 hz any more, it stops 
at like 60  or 80 or something.   2. everything seems to clip it easily. 
i've checked the phono - line switch and it's set to line.   3. and this 
the weirdest part,  if you turn off 4 pole mono on the left channel there 
no signal!   when the 4 pole button is lit signal comes through the left 
channel, but if it is off, no signal.   any ideas?