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Laptops in Looping Rigs

Hello fellow loopiers,

I've just purchased a laptop PC which I plan on using in my looping rig. I
have a few questions/concerns if any of you have any input or guidance.
I'm all ears!

1. How do I connect it to my amp? Is there a USB device that will be an
acceptable interface? Will the Tascam US-122 be a good choice? I heard
some devices have a lag time, which I do not want.

2. I plan on using either Abelton LIVE or Adobe Audition as my software,
along with Ambiloop or Fruity Loops. Does anyone have any "favorites" of
these I mentioned? Easier to use than another? Recommended foot
controllers---I see that the FCB101 gets a lot of mention. How about the
Rocktron All-Access?

3. Can Abelton LIVE play a prepared track, and then allow me to click a
foot pedal with a drum track that is synched to the prepared track? Can
Audition do the same thing?

4. FWIW...my style of looping leans toward the ambient/new
age/Fripp/Torn/Centrozoon/Pinhas type of looping, w/ acoustic and electric
guitar. My influences from this list are Kris Hartung, Bernhard Wagner and
a many others. You guys ALL rock ! :) Some of my other floor pedals and
loopers include a Boss DD-20 & RC-20, a DL-4, an octave pedal and a
Digitech RP-100 (soon to be traded in for something better).

Anyway...hope I wasn't long-winded, but I feel that the more info I give,
the better insight you all have...I learn a lot from this group, and it's
a pleasure to read and learn from the many varied posts. On occasion I've
even emailed responses to some newbies, even though I'm an "advanced"

Peace & loops,

Ed in NJ