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Vortex and other devices that alter your tone

Title: Vortex and other devices that alter your tone

Hello folks -

After selling three pieces of gear on eBay in a record time for me of 30 minutes, I have some extra cash to blow on replacement gear. I already bought a Vortex and expression pedal the other day.   I am very interested in rackmount effect units that "radically" alter the tone of the guitar. Given that an Eventide or TC Electronics FireworX is not in my budget right now, I'm looking for the more affordable units, like the Vortex, etc.  I bought a Line 6 Pro filter unit several months ago (rackmount version), but the output on that unit was very squirrely and unpredictable for me.

Any other suggestions on units of this sort? I have one remaining slot left in my new 6 space rack!  The gap is killing me… :)


Krispen Hartung
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