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Re: Vortex and other devices that alter your tone

For Hi-Fi, classy mangling, I'd check out the Kurzweil Mangler. While I don't know it from personal experience, I have (and LOVE!) its big parent, the KSP8, and the reviews suggest that the audio specs of the M are equivalent (i.e., superb), as are many of the "mangling" algorithms. Also, don't overlook the venerable Boss VF-1, which is like a complete collection of Boss pedals in a half-rack, with routing flexibility and MIDI cc controllers....lots of options/power, and probably more whacko initially than the Kurz, but maybe less ultimately useable? It's got medium-fi multi-pitchshifting, tho, which the Kurz lacks.

It's not a rack, but I still defend the VG-8 ( and to a lesser extent the VG-88) as the all-time premier "radical" tone-alterer for guitarists; these can be had for pretty cheap these days, and there's truly nothing like them. And I DO know from personal experience that the VG-8 blows away the Eclipse and the FireworX as a guitar-tone redefiners; neither of these otherwise mighty FX units, nor anything else, offers per-string pitch-shifting plus physical-modelling (not MIDI) synthesis derived from the guitar's audio signal.

On Dec 13, 2004, at 1:12 PM, Krispen Hartung wrote:

Any other suggestions on units of this sort?