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Re: Vortex and other devices that alter your tone

Hey Krispen,
It is not a rack mount unit, but I friggin' love my Alesis INEKO, 
for $80 at
musiciansfiend.com.  I"m sure you can find them on e-bay these days.

It doesn't have saveable presets.  It doesn't have midi in or out.
It does have as much mangleage of a guitars tone as anything on the market 
a 5th to a 10th of the price.

Ask the amazing and mysterious Michael Klobuchar about it.  He KNOWS!!!!

Also,  my wife really dislikes digital multi effects for guitar and is a 
stomp box fiend and
SHE BOUGHT AN INEKO and loves it.  This said it all for me.

Try it, you'll like it.

my 2 pennies,