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Re: Same question asked YET AGAIN.. can someone help me in MY situation?

ME>can anyone help with the distortion/impedance question?

TED>Huh? I've used Vortexes for quite a while. And Yes, while I do have to turn down the input on the thing (to about half) so=20 it's not over-driven, I seldom have any trouble with   >distortion. I run the thing right after my multi-effect/preamp fed by the former's direct output.


 WOW Ted.. I have mine at somewhere near 8 o'clock on input vol... 

 One thing.. could it be that the out pit of my other FX is too high??? It could be that the volumes on my GP16 have crept up a bit over the yearz...? could that be it? I have had front of house engineers tell me that its rather "hot" but I just thought he like me... Ha HA!!