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Re: Looping on my mac

At least the answer could be,write your own software on a MAC.

In former times,I wrote for my own needs,own software.But this one was
mostly MIDI-based.
To get deeper in SW Development,the Audio thing is a case to hang up.

I am sure,it is easily,possible to write own routines for a Real Time
Looping Engine on a MAC.

The best thing would be,that Apple would suport such an idea.Apple is an
audible company and so
they should support also a minority of so called loopers.
It should not be only iTunes,it could be also iLoopers,with a versatile
Software.Easy to use for a user,
but also easy to realize for Apple.Hmmmmmmm.....?

The real thing is then,that you do not need VST or other PlugIns.

I am tricking myself with ideas.

Apple can help.Ask Mr.Jobs

jan schrieb:

> Hi All, first post to the listů
> Anyone of you doing realtime looping on a Mac?
> Since i cant seem to find any dedicated software: what software,
> interfaces and (midi)/controllers are usable to get good realtime
> looping from a laptop running OS X?
> I suspect that CoreAudio is as realtime as it gets so it should by far
> be possible.
> Thanks
> Jan