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Re: Looping on my mac

this is what max/msp/jitter does. a self-contained, versatile
software development platform, not limited to just audio,
but with the ability to create video instruments, show control,
etc. the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

On Dec 15, 2004, at 10:58 PM, Martin Tauchen wrote:

> At least the answer could be,write your own software on a MAC.
> In former times,I wrote for my own needs,own software.But this one was
> mostly MIDI-based.
> To get deeper in SW Development,the Audio thing is a case to hang up.
> I am sure,it is easily,possible to write own routines for a Real Time
> Looping Engine on a MAC.
> The best thing would be,that Apple would suport such an idea.Apple is 
> an
> audible company and so
> they should support also a minority of so called loopers.
> It should not be only iTunes,it could be also iLoopers,with a versatile
> Software.Easy to use for a user,
> but also easy to realize for Apple.Hmmmmmmm.....?
> The real thing is then,that you do not need VST or other PlugIns.
> I am tricking myself with ideas.
> Apple can help.Ask Mr.Jobs
> jan schrieb:
>> Hi All, first post to the listů
>> Anyone of you doing realtime looping on a Mac?
>> Since i cant seem to find any dedicated software: what software,
>> interfaces and (midi)/controllers are usable to get good realtime
>> looping from a laptop running OS X?
>> I suspect that CoreAudio is as realtime as it gets so it should by far
>> be possible.
>> Thanks
>> Jan
bruce tovsky