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Re: Newbie gear question

  Andy Bettis said...

 > undo feature to remove things from the loop. Can anyone recommend a 
 > unit that might suit me better? It's for use live so a stomp box or 
 > footswitch extension is an absolute requirement.

Hi Andy.

You should check out the loopers-delight.com website for both the 
hardware listings:


as well as searching the archives for this exact question. There are 
very good threads regarding this very question:


Your question can be answered in many ways. It really all depends on 
your budget (eg. Rocktron All Access [stomp-box-o-licious] + Anything 
midi; Electrix Repeater + Cheaper 3 button stomper; 2xEDP + Repeater + 
Rocktron All Access + KAOS + SP-606 + ZenDrum etc.) and your real 

That RC-20 might work for you if you are on a slimmer budget and only 
want to store/preview loops of of arbitrary tempo.

Hope this helps.