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you want altered tone? Re: Vortex and other devices that alter your tone

To reiterate one of my previous posts, the most sonic deconstruction for
the dollar is the Alesis Bitrman. It's a little bigger than a pack of cigs,
and it offers ring modulation, frequency modulation (who else offers
that?), bit reduction, and other mind-altering FX, plus more
prosaic-but-useful stuff like compression and better-than-nothing
distortion, and you can change the order of effects... and Musician's
Friend was blowing them out for $49.95 (list about $100).

This family of effects (ModFX) tends to blow up for no apparent reason, but
they are GREAT FUN, and Alesis is great about taking care of you...just
register your unit with them when you get it, assuming Musician's Friend
has any left.

~Tim Mungenast

> [Original Message]
> From: David Coffin <dpcoffin@earthlink.net>
> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Date: 12/13/2004 5:17:41 PM
> Subject: Re: Vortex and other devices that alter your tone
> For Hi-Fi, classy mangling, I'd check out the Kurzweil Mangler. While I 
> don't know it from personal experience, I have (and LOVE!) its big 
> parent, the KSP8, and the reviews suggest that the audio specs of the M 
> are equivalent (i.e., superb), as are many of the "mangling" 
> algorithms. Also, don't overlook the venerable Boss VF-1, which is like 
> a complete collection of Boss pedals in a half-rack, with routing 
> flexibility and MIDI cc controllers....lots of options/power, and 
> probably more whacko initially than the Kurz, but maybe less ultimately 
> useable? It's got medium-fi multi-pitchshifting, tho, which the Kurz 
> lacks.
> It's not a rack, but I still defend the VG-8 ( and to a lesser extent 
> the VG-88) as the all-time premier "radical" tone-alterer for 
> guitarists; these can be had for pretty cheap these days, and there's 
> truly nothing like them. And I DO know from personal experience that 
> the VG-8 blows away the Eclipse and the FireworX as a guitar-tone 
> redefiners; neither of these otherwise mighty FX units, nor anything 
> else, offers per-string pitch-shifting plus physical-modelling (not 
> MIDI) synthesis derived from the guitar's audio signal.
> dc
> On Dec 13, 2004, at 1:12 PM, Krispen Hartung wrote:
> > Any other suggestions on units of this sort?