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Re: loopers party northeast, ayuh

Then we should have one in the Boston area before you
go! (I'm in southeastern NH, but my apartment's pretty

Who've we got here? Me, you, Jeff Lomas the Random
Salter, Peter Koniuto the pseudophonic, David
Kirkdorffer the Un-Doer, Tim Mungenast the
Un-Stableboy; who else is from northern New England
where we say "wicked" and occasionally "dickweed"?

Lately I've been playing more in Portland, ME than
around Boston. Any listmembers from up they-uh?


--- Dan Soltzberg <d.ans@rcn.com> wrote:

> Hey, Iım just going to miss it this time around‹in
> process of moving from
> Boston to Santa Cruz, but will be on that fabulous
> coast in January for good.
> Dan

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