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Re: loopers party northeast, ayuh

> From: "Tim Nelson" <psychle62@yahoo.com>

>> where we say "wicked" and occasionally "dickweed"?

Ha!  And, occasionally, "wicked dickweed".

>> --- Dan Soltzberg <d.ans@rcn.com> wrote:
>> > Hey, Iım just going to miss it this time around > > process of moving
> from
>> > Boston to Santa Cruz, but will be on that fabulous

Ouch, that hurts.  Major blow to the looping scene over
here.  You North American West Coast-ers are gaining
something special in Mr Solzberg.

Dan, the number of times i got to see/hear you perform
was too few, but i learned a lot just the same.  Thanks
for being so fearless.


Creative Recordist - Composer
Red Sun Soundroom

On our hi-fi this week...

peter AT RedSunSoundroom.com