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Re: SooperLooper mini review (also contains routing cotent!)

> all up though, I would say that Jesse Chappell, the writer of the
> software, has done a great job and created a unique spin on the original
> EDP feature set.  The EDP still can't be beaten for plug and play
> flexibility and accessability, but those who can't afford or even
> purchase one might like to consider sooperlooper as a viable
> alternative. It's multiple simulatenous loops and mutichannel support
> also position it as a challenger to the repeater's current crown of
> multi-looping king.

Wow, thanks for the great writeup!   I just want to let folks here
know that SooperLooper also now runs on OSX using the JACK-OSX port. 
When the next release of JACK-OSX is made (hopefully within the next
month) I will release an installable OSX package for SooperLooper.

Although plugin versions are planned for the future, I urge all of you
to give JACK a try because it is extremely cool technology.