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Re: Acousmatrix 1/2

   Reichel's Daschophone is very much an acoustic instrument. He has one 
my favorite websites for visuals and fun navigation,the other being Reed 
Ghazala's .He apparently also designs typographic fonts.
Once  in the mid 80s  I was playing African music with a ten peice marimba 
group and Epaht Mujuru  ( I don't recall if Dave Trenkel was in the group 
yet  I think he was),at a festival at Reed college in Portland. Reichel 
Fred Frith had played earlier.I had a failry sculptural multi percussion 
setup with  timbales and rototoms with fur attached to the sides and car 
springs and bells and triangles and a washboard,wierdly bent or curved 
stands and a pedal attached to a tank of compressed air I would use in 
of a crash cymbal Reichel and Frith stood opposite me with their faces 2 
feet  away from my set up staring ,unblinking at me,to see what I would do 
guess.They were interested in the setup too ,but they seemed to be trying 
unnerve me.So I was saying stuff like 'I know who you are ,you don't scare 
insane second-fingerboard-behind-the-bridge guitar sounds absolutely
extraterrestrial... oh, wait, that was electric, but sans effects it still
sounded like no guitar anyone had ever heard. What is the Wizard of
Wuppertal up to these days, anyone know?