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Re: Daxophone (was:Acousmatrix 1/2)

--- samba - <sambacomet@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Reichel's Daschophone is very much an acoustic
> instrument.

Well.... depending on your definition. His Daxophone
does indeed have an internal contact mic at the base
of the tone-producing stick, and a 1/4" output jack.
It's certainly not an *electronic* instrument, as the
sound is produced acoustically, but I'd call it an
electric instrument (or at least electro-acoustic)
since it's designed to be plugged in. (He probably
does have some sans pickup, but the only ones I've
ever seen have had output jacks.)

We had that debate a lot during the production of the
Chain Tape Collective's 'Acoustic' CD, which by the
guidelines of the project consisted entirely of
acoustic instruments. However, since processing of the
mic'ed signal was allowed, the boundaries were

You can hear the CD (and download the entire thing,
including the graphics, for free) at


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