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Re: korg dl8000r

The echo on:


is supplied by a DL8000R. The loop is an Echoplex.

I've got other tracks that show off the DL8000R better, but they aren't 
on the web,


On Dec 28, 2004, at 10:03 AM, Mark Hamburg wrote:

> I really like it. I use it as an echo rather than a looper, though an 
> echo with a hold function is essentially a looper. For multi-tap echos 
> with a lot of time on them, the only competition I'm aware of is the 
> TC D2.
> I'm also quite fond of the Korg AM8000R.
> The one thing I'm thinking I ought to do with respect to both of these 
> is get a spare power supply since the power brick is unusual.
> Mark
> On Dec 28, 2004, at 2:52 AM, blixton wrote:
>> Any opinions on the little known korg dl8000r?