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Re: Put Your Voice Where Your Mouth Is

At 9:36 AM -0800 12/29/04, Alex Stahl wrote:
>On Dec 29, 2004, at 8:46 AM, Richard Zvonar wrote:
>>At 9:38 AM -0700 12/29/04, Krispen Hartung wrote:
>>Too bad we can't read this without signing up as a member for the New
>>York Times.  Can you copy the text into an email to the group.  Not that
>>I can't signup, but it's sort of a pain for one article.
>>Really? It wasn't that way previously. In fact, just last week I 
>>sent TImes links to some people without problems.
>It's been that way for years, afaik

I guess the people I customarily send NY Times links to have just 
signed up for the access. It takes about a minute, doesn't cost 
anything, and allows you to receive a daily digest or not, depending 
on your preference.

Obviously it was a mistake for me to post a pointer to what I thought 
was an amusing article about lip-syncing and the history of show 
business. Because of Kripen Hartung's complaint, I revisited the 
article and posted it to the list (a waste of bandwidth in some 
people's opinion, I'm sure), then I investigated the situation by 
first checking my e-mails to see just when I had sent NY Times links 
to some friends who then commented on them (I guess they must have 
signed up), then I went to my wife's computer and checked the link 
and found that indeed Hartung and you are both right about the need 
to sign up in order to read the articles. So I've just wasted several 
minutes, but I've learned two things: 1) the NY Times does indeed 
require that you sign up in order to read their articles, and 2) some 
people will always look a gift horse in the mouth.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202