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Re: Yet another Echoplex question

At 08:25 AM 12/29/2004, Chris Sewell wrote:
>Im having trouble using "nextloop". I have multiloops set to 2 and auto 
>record on. I should be able to be in record mode or play mode in loop 1, 
>hit next loop and be able to start recording immediatly in loop 2, 
>Well, I hit next loop and loop 1 starts to play. Is this yet another bug 
>in loop III? Am I missing a setting somewhere?

That was the way Record=>Next worked in LoopIII software. Ending Record 
with Next repeated the same loop, same as if you ended with Record. In 
LoopIV software, when you end Record with NextLoop it jumps to the next 
loop without repeating the current one (as you want), so you can record a 
sequence of loops straight through.

If you go to the Aurisis LoopIV page, you can find a complete explanation 
of everything LoopIV does. In the upgrade manual there is a chapter 
summarizing each of the new functions introduced in LoopIV. The one you 
looking for is called "Record-to-NextRecord":



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