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RE: Have an RC-20.. need an Echoplex!

This is a reply to Dave [daves@eleventh-hour.com.au] but also concerning 
recent thread about the limitations of the RC-20.
The Boss RC-20 is not a very highly actualized looper--but it shines in the
"record a loop and solo over it" department.  Although some users have
overcome its limitations (usually by adding another delay or looper), its
price should be telling you something.
It is true that the digital Echoplex is expensive (and doesn't seem to be
getting cheaper!), but it does everything most folks need (and they all 
a little something different).  Loop IV was a giant step forward, but even
with Loop III you could undo all but the first layer (I have a MIDI patch
called Undo bomb that does it at one button press), end record with 
end playback with record, restart the loop, reverse playback, etc etc.
There are more and more ways to loop--Live IV sounds like a winner, 
is also a groovy (and freeware) computer looper, and I am eagerly awaiting
Warren Sirota's MultiLoop Live software release which he claims emulates 
functions of the EDP. The rebirth of the Repeater seems to be around the
corner--but you JUST CAN'T GO WRONG with the EDP.
But they ain't cheap.
The RC is cheap and has no feedback control.  How artistic is that?
So maybe Dave needs to use a sampler for his sound effects (he wasn't real
clear exactly what he needs), but he could use the EDP for looping and the
RC-20 for sample playback!