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RE: Have an RC-20.. need an Echoplex!

At 07:08 AM 12/31/2004, L. Angulo wrote:
>this is something that strangely i havent gotten to
>work with my EDP FCB1010; i have my midi pedal to send
>a long press undo command but it stills works like a
>the regular short press undo,not dropping all of the
>overdubs at once like it says it does.

Long-Undo removes one whole layer of overdubs. (not all layers)
Short-Undo removes a partial layer of overdub. (from where you press to 

to Undo all layers, you can do multiple presses of Undo, even sending them 
all at once in a string as Gary does.

A much better way is to use LoopCopy. Create the initial base loop in Loop 
1. Copy in real time to loop 2 as you overdub. Add as many layers as you 
want. When you want to "Undo", just go back to loop 1 where the original 
is. You can then Redo by returning to Loop2, or create a new variation in 
Loop3, or branch Loop2 into Loop3 and Loop4, each with different 
variations, etc. A very useful technique, and all of it can be done 
smoothly in real time as you play.


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