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Re: New track for ya.

On May 1, 2005, at 12:10, Andreas Wetterberg wrote:

> yeah, multitracking it will be entirely possible. I plan to use 8  
> loops bussed to 2 different fastFX units, at a total of 60% cpu, so  
> there's room for some eqs and compressors running realtime as well.

Nice. Since you have a fast PC for Live you may also record a clip of  
each track (documenting everything that happens "audio-wise" on each  
track). Take away the "dots" (by ctrl E) from slots that may  
interfere with those 8+ instantly recording clips - to prevent scene  
changes to stop those clips from recording. This will give you 8+  
audio files on the drive and you can line them up for mixing or  
further refinement in Cubase, Protools, Logic or any good mixing appl.

> It will be fun to work on some semi-planned looping songs for a  
> change, while still keeping that element of chaos/surprise that you  
> get when one person is looping another.

yes, you never know what's going to happen! I think it's very  
creative to also edit recorded live looping happenings afterwards. I  
mean, you may cut out four or five bars where not much did happen.  
I.e refining the flow that is already in the performance. Or you  
could take away some channels to only focus on one or two sounds for  
a while.  With application like Nuendo, protools etc you can set a  
suitable cross fade section so the cut will sound smooth. In Live you  
can't cross fade like that. When singers and other players understand  
that parts can be edited out afterwards they tend to be even more  
adventurous and take chances, which can be very interesting. Many  
good players are good not only because of their chops, developed by   
training and practice, but also because they have a good  
understanding of their own limits. To know ones limits as a musical  
performer is important in front of a live audience but for recording  
purpose it can be cool to expand the usual borders a bit.