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Re: The Live Looping Community: myth or reality

At 11:39 AM -0700 5/6/05, mark sottilaro wrote:
>I just think that a community that's web based isn't the same 
>because you have this degree of anonymity that you don't get when 
>you're physically with people in your community.

This was an explicit aim in the founding of the WELL about 20 years 
ago. It was conceived of as an on-line community with local 
geographical roots in the Bay Area. There were frequent physical 
gatherings to reinforce this.

Along similar lines, when I became active on PAN I quickly made a 
number of on-line friends who continue to be close. Several of us 
even wound up in a band together, once we found that we all live in 
Los Angeles.

So yes, I'd agree that physical contact makes reinforces community 
though not to the exclusion of strong virtual communities. But in my 
experience the latter tend to have a more amorphous feel. Rather than 
relating to individuals as true individuals I often relate to them as 

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202