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Re: Pagey vs the Beatles RE: beck the elder (was "here is...")

thats it man!

--- SP Goodman <spgoodman@earthlight.net> wrote:
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> From: "samba -" <sambacomet@hotmail.com>
> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Sent: Monday, May 09, 2005 21:36 PM
> Subject: RE: Pagey vs the Beatles RE: beck the elder
> (was "here is...")
> >  Yeah homage makes more sense than spoof. I think
> Lennon was honorable in 
> > the case ,either way.Interesting thing about Berry
> is that he was in an 
> > excellent position to capitalize on the late 60s
> early 70s rock 
> > explosion.He was working the college circuit and
> would just hire whatever 
> > local musicians he found , pay 'em very
> little,wouldn't rehearse  assuming 
> > they'd know his stuff and would just launch into
> tunes with little 
> > warning.  The results were often sloppy and he got
> the rep of being 
> > unreliable,or worse. He could easily have worked
> the stadium circuit and 
> > done really well if he'd just had a good band and
> been organized.
> >
> > I interpreted Lennon's opening line as an homage
> to Berry's "You Can't 
> > Catch Me," and I thought it was bullshit for Berry
> to make a big deal of 
> > it.
> In the late 60s Chuck Berry was only slightly
> thought of by the pop 
> music-listening public, who if asked would most
> likely think of him as a 
> relic of a bygone age.  The surge in Fifties shows
> in the early 70s was 
> sparked by the coming-of-age of people who were
> teenagers in the 50s, and, 
> domino-like, the massive film-soundtrack success of
> "American Graffiti". 
> Suddenly high school bands were playing 50s music
> again.
> I remember hearing Lennon's - well kinda his, huh? -
> "Rock and Roll" when it 
> came out, wondering why the hell he bothered at the
> time, but also thinking, 
> "Hey, he was a Beatle, he can do what he wants."
> So the story has it that Chuck would pay the band
> $1000 - this one 
> corroborated by Bruce Springsteen, whose band opened
> for and backed him one 
> night ("Earn that money, boys!"), no notice as to
> which song was going to be 
> played except via the opening guitar.  Chuck's
> detractors never mention that 
> every one of his songs begins differently.  It's the
> opening riffs that give 
> the clue, and if you were thinking quick enough, and
> was a good guitarist - 
> and knew Chuck Berry's songs - it would have been at
> worst a strenuous 
> exercise in knowing your instrument, and knowing the
> songs.  And at best you 
> could say you played with one of the creators of
> Rock and Roll.
> One could say that the Chuck Berry shows might have
> seemed sloppy - but 
> unlike Eric Clapton, Chuck never got nearly booed
> off the stage for being 
> whacked out of his mind enough to screw up the
> opening of his biggest hit. 
> Well, Chuck had more than a few hits, too, come to
> think of it.
> Years later I caught the tape of the Toronto shows
> where Lennon was on stage 
> with Chuck Berry and (I think) Eric Clapton, and
> (unfortunately) Yoko, who 
> caused everyone but John to just look embarrassed
> when she did her wounded 
> fox screeching routine.  It's a weird moment.
> But considering that Chuck's been ripped off by just
> about every level of 
> the music biz his irritation is more than
> understandable, it's forgivable 
> and in many cases quite justified.
> Stephen Goodman
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