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Re: Digitech JamMan???

jj 179 wrote:

> I'm still looking for an *inexpensive* way (i.e. under $500 if at all
> possible) to have multiple loops **of different and
> lengths** looping together in the same box. I know some of the more
> expensive units like the Repeater and the EDP can supposedly do this, but
> boy I'd sure like a cheaper option. :}

Not to sound like a broken record (although I couldn't imagine a more
accepting community for doing so) but...
The Boss DD-20 will get two asynchronous loops going quite easily. By
switching between any two user-defined presets, you could have two
asynchronous loops at a time. Since the DD-20 costs under $200 in US 
you could have four asynchronous loops (in two boxes) for under $400 US. 
the Pan mode, and you could have four *pairs* of asynchronous loops with up
to 46 seconds per loop. And the DD-20 stays in amazing sync with itself.
I've been using two since February 05 and have developed whole new pieces
based on the two percolating away at simple ratios of each other, remaining
in sync for ten-twenty minutes at a time.
No MIDI though.

And speaking of MIDI, my quaint and non-technical understanding of such
things tells me that MIDI-synced variable-speed audio delay is the Holy
Grail of FX engineering. We're probably going to have to wait until some 
code is established before a looper/delay with synching capabilities will
sell for under $500. Otherwise they'd be added as easily as LCDs and Stereo

dB, el Coyote

ps - What happened to Smoke Stick Devil? What happened to that grumpy
classical guitarist? And does anyone remember the "anti-Miko" who
irrationally replied to anyone's post with expletives? How about Robert
Fripp's close pal Terry Blankenship? Who was YOUR favorite flame-maker?
Collect 'em all! Trade 'em with your friends!