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Re: Repeater question, was RE: Digitech JamMan???

Title: Re: Repeater question, was RE: Digitech JamMan???
Repeater Manual is available on line. Worth going through this to check the detail of what is and is not possible for yourself against what you plan to do.

There is SooperLooper for OSX - a very exciting development for computer looping which runs under JACK. Well worth checking out. I can get four instances running on my iBook G4 933.

Because I’m trying to run LOGIC with a dozen inputs, Jack, Sooperlooper, MidiClock, MOTU 828 mkII, Cuemix and a few other bits and bobs at once I’m going to need a faster computer though !!!

I think there may be a way of networking audio together over ethernet using JACK so that might sort me out.

Best wishes



Hello to the list.
Talking about Repeater, i just bought a Loopstation RC-20XL and i'm a bit
disappointed so far. Mostly because i can't record several loops LIVE &
then switch between phrases i just recorded. With the RC-20, pressing SAVE
simply stops the loop you want to save. Plus you have to wait that the
loop is fully read to be able to read another, plus the UNDO function has
a latency. With the RC20 I end up playing with the same phrase for ages.
I want to be able to loop but also break the loop, cut it up or get away
from it when needed. Basically i'd like to build a track live during my
solo-sets (you could check my new record :
http://www.clumsybeats.org/rob_share.html )
Someone recommended a REPEATER. It seems to be rare & expansive, even
used. So i'm wondering if it's really tweakable. Can you really record
many phrases live and then play/tweak them by hand, like a sampler but
with possibilities of layering & live processing??

I'm just looking for the right tool. Maybe someone created a real time
sampling patch with Max MSP, Super Collider or Pure Data? Anyone heard of

Greetings from Sweden

> No, and Yes,
> Can you create a loop of a given length, then create one of another
> length,
> and then one of another length, etc??....no, but what you can do is create
> a
> loop, use the multiply function to double the original loops length,
> create
> another loop (track) over the longer loop length (say that ten times
> quickly), then use the multiply function again to increase the overall
> loop
> length, and record another track, repeating the process. This does allow
> the
> user to have loops of increasingly longer length, but as multiples of the
> original loop length. Does that make sense? let me put it another way, You
> can't  have a one bar phrase followed by an eight bar phrase, followed by
> a
> five bar phrase, followed by a 3 bar phrase, but you can create a loop,
> create another loop twice as long, another loop twice again as long, etc,
> all using the multiply function.... I will probably pony up for another
> Repeater, and I would highly recommend it to even the most diehard
> echoplex
> dudes, particularly if they do indeed address some of the units issues.
> Bill
> -----Original Message-----
> From: jj 179 [mailto:jj179subs@hotmail.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2005 6:34 AM
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: Re: Digitech JamMan???
> So ... quick dumb question ... will the Repeater allow you to have
> multiple
> loops of varying lengths playing simultaneously?
>>Sombody said something about a preorder option for the Repeater V2 for
>> $499
>>some days ago...
>>>Other than the large, removal memory (which is a great and well-overdue
>>>idea), I can't tell that there's a huge difference in functionality
>>>between this and the original JamMan (which I still own and love).
>>>I'm still looking for an *inexpensive* way (i.e. under $500 if at all
>>>possible) to have multiple loops **of different and
>>>not-necessarily-related lengths** looping together in the same box. I
>>> know
>>>some of the more expensive units like the Repeater and the EDP can
>>>supposedly do this, but boy I'd sure like a cheaper option. :}