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Re: Free Looper coming with Tiger!

On May 16, 2005, at 23:26, mark sottilaro wrote:

> Woah!  That seems super sweet!  Maybe now is the time
> to upgrade my G4 500 TiBook with something that
> already has Tiger on it.  I wonder if the dev pack
> would come with it...

Hi Mark,

Don't you always get a CD with the system when you by a Mac? The Dev  
pack is on the CD.

> Also, reading the features doesn't seem to mention if
> these loops sync to the tempo of the host application.

Oh, yes it does. You can chose "host sync" or "internal sync". In  
internal sync it's reacting as the REpeater and Echoplex, i.e. as  
soon as you close the first loop it starts sending out midi clock.  
Seems to be a good software looper to be the master when doing   
"first loop" tempo definition looping.

>  When you do a real test I'd love to hear your
> findings.  I'm doing the next Sunday loop show with
> Rick Walker and I'd love to be able to go down with a
> guitar, laptop, ampmodler and midi controller.

I'll post some more in a couple of days. Some short notes, though: It  
doesn't time time stretch when you pitch transpose a loop. It's more  
like the EDP, going down in half tempo. But with AULooper you are not  
restricted to one octave down or up. Any not with that two octaves  
span can be set. There is one global pitch for the entire looper and  
then there are also dedicated pitch controls for each on of the four  
parts of the loop. These four parts can also be independently kicked  
into reverse mode... and there is a button to press to line them up  
in sync again.  If you set one part to reverse mode everything you  
record is coming back reversed, way cool!

Recording mode can be set to Insert, Overdub or

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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