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Re: Boss DD-20 review


i am using my DD-20 for vocal things mainly - trying around, sometimes getting nice things out, sometimes just chaos :-)
please send me one too.

thank you very much -
cheers from vienna, austria

Douglas Baldwin schrieb:
Finally, finally done with this beast. 2,700 words. I've contacted the Great And Powerful Kim re. posting on the Tools Of The Trade page. In the meantime, I'd like Ted Killian to know that I quoted part of one of his posts re. the DD-20s ability to lay two delays/loops of different lengths atop each other. I hope that's okay with you, Ted. You can make it formal and let me know before I post on the web page. Heck, I'll even send you the whole document. Heck, I'll send anyone the whole document.
(insert Hunter S. Thompson quote here)