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RE: surround looping

Title: RE: surround looping

>>> yes- could do that with my two repeaters..... a single aux send could be
> 4-way panned amongst the inputs.... & if part or all of the "overdub"
> path was routed externally & back in through the aux-send, the repeats
> would shift around too.

Cool!  Do the Repeaters have something similar to what the EDP calls
"brother sync"?  How would you synchronize them so that they start/end
the loops at exactly the same time?<<

I'd just run them on the same midi buss.... but on different channels, maybe... [scratches head] yes, different channels, so's I could alter the levels & so forth independently from my pc1600 or my fcb1010 which I've still never used in this context. sometimes I'd be sending the same command to both units- the pc1600 would allow me to do this by programming a string of midi with the same prog change on two channels at once.

so most of the time they'd be doing the same things at the same time, but always with the option of sending "targetted" instructions to one or the other of them. I can't think of an example of that in this context..... but it would be useful to retain the option, I reckon.

they would both be running on external midi clock, coming from a korg electribe. I like to use the korgs as a master clock because the tap-tempo button is so big on them, & they're pretty stable; we can clock the whole rig from one of them & then it's reasonably easy for the drummer to lead off.

still pondering the audio paths though.... I think I'd need separate "quadrasonic panners" for the instrument & feedback paths to make life really interesting, & possibly drive them both from lfo's.



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