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Re: surround looping

goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:
 > they would both be running on external midi clock, coming from a korg
 > electribe.

I'm wondering if MIDI sync is accurate enough.  What's unusual about
this application is that the sync'd loopers contain different levels
of the same signal rather than the more common case of containing
different signals.  So, unless you have close to sample-level sync you
may hear subtle artifacts similar to flanging.  This will be affected
to some degree by MIDI latency, how well the Repeaters deal with MIDI
clock jitter and how often the time stretch kicks in to compensate for 

It's basically the same issue people have when syncing two EDPs
together to get stereo.  The EDP supports both MIDI sync and the more
accurate "brother" sync.  But to my knowledge, everyone uses brother
sync for stereo looping, I'm guessing for this reason.

But heck, it can't hurt to try.  Even if there are audible
artifacts, they might be pleasant :-)   The lfo assisted panning
is a cool idea.