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Re: OT: thoughts on the GNX4?


I have the GNX3 which is mostly the same as the GNX4 in terms of it's 
ability to loop.  However it does have more flexible I/O options (to 
get music and data in and out).  It has good sounds but not suitable to 
use a live looper.  Pretty good as an educational / practice tool but 
having had it for a year and half (during which performed 150 times) - 
I have only brought it to two gigs and the overhead of using it was too 
great to be worth the trouble.  The user interface is not intuitive 
enough (for me) if you are trying to engage an audience.

I have been mostly performing in a duo format on either guitars or 
basses and can not afford to stop playing and fiddle with the 
equipment.  Either the lead or the accompaniment (or both) go away.

However it is well made and sounds good - just kind of hard to use - 
especially as a looper.


On May 20, 2005, at 3:39 PM, Tom Ritchford wrote:

> I'm thinking of getting this for my sweetie who just got an electric
> guitar -- what do you think about it?
> -- 
>      /t
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