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Re: In search of a NEW effect --- was: Fill my rack!

Per -   You're definitely onto something with your "controller interface"
response.  Which probably explains why computers are so compelling a tool
for those who use them to modify their sounds.  Yet the interface of the
computer -- and the KAOSS Pad -- is just two dimensional.  So, imagine if
the interface can become three-dimensional?

Luca -  I think Luca's point about "building a complex algorithm that can 
easily modified by a performer on the fly without drop-outs and during
performance" (my words) is the "other-side" of the same argument -- again
it's about the interface.  Luca wants a fast, and easily manipulated
interface so he can keep his mind on the playing.

Jeff -   Your point about "synchronized effects" in a way also speaks 
the simple and fast to manipulate interface argument - this time
manipulating more than one effect at a time.

But as Luca points out, the "mathematical calculations" -- however we
interface with them -- are where the altered sounds come from.  Travis
reminds us, linking or chaining effects in more complex ways doesn't always
sound good.   And yet, one man's trash is another man's treasure: how many
people passed up using the clicks, glitches and scratch sounds before they
were so powerfully deployed in various kinds of contemporary electronic

I remember reading something Eno said -- I'm paraphrasing: "If it sounds
like it's being abused, it becomes rock."  So, as I play "unguitar" I 
if really what I'm searching for is a way to abuse the effects I already 
in new ways that I can control easily and that does not damage them -- all
towards building sounds that I employ to build music I like.

Based on what I've experienced with my volume knob and a Fuzz Factory, it
seems that adding ZVEX tone Fuzz Probe is an important thing for me to get:

Unique, three-dimensional interface -- check
Simple to manipulate while I play -- check
Sounds abusive -- check


Thanks guys!!!!!!!!

David Kirkdorffer