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Re: Re: In search of a NEW effect --- was: Fill my rack!

On Sat, 28 May 2005, David Kirkdorffer wrote:

> Per -   You're definitely onto something with your "controller interface"
> response.  Which probably explains why computers are so compelling a tool
> for those who use them to modify their sounds.  Yet the interface of the
> computer -- and the KAOSS Pad -- is just two dimensional.  So, imagine if
> the interface can become three-dimensional?

Like the pressure-sensitive touchpad used in the center of the Moog 
Voyager synth? Yeah :). 

> I remember reading something Eno said -- I'm paraphrasing: "If it sounds
> like it's being abused, it becomes rock."  So, as I play "unguitar" I 
> if really what I'm searching for is a way to abuse the effects I already 
> in new ways that I can control easily and that does not damage them -- 
> towards building sounds that I employ to build music I like.
> Based on what I've experienced with my volume knob and a Fuzz Factory, it
> seems that adding ZVEX tone Fuzz Probe is an important thing for me to 
> Unique, three-dimensional interface -- check
> Simple to manipulate while I play -- check
> Sounds abusive -- check

I have a Z-Vex Trem Probe (the volume control): it's great. I've worked 
with a Fuzz Probe a bit, and I can recommend it. I want to point out that 
the theremin-like control plate on the Z-Vex Probe series is controlling a 
single parameter, regardless of from what angle you approach it. Int he 
case of the Trem Probe, it's the volume. In the case of the Fuzz Probe, 
the theremin plate controls the Stability value of the built-in Fuzz 
Factory. Don't get me wrong, it's great. 

Did you ever see the Z-Vex Drip guitars? They had a Z-Vex Wah Probe built 
into the guitar under the pickguard. 


Steve B
Phasmatodea     http://www.phasmatodea.net/
Subscape Annex  http://www.subscapeannex.com/
Fukadugalon     (forthcoming)