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RE: overcoming fixed feedback ratios for e.g. DL4

Title: RE: overcoming fixed feedback ratios for e.g. DL4

>>has anyone ever tried the following: [snip] the loop acts as a feedback loop in addition to the DL4 looper's internal feedback (which is preset to 0.9), only that it's inverse feedback.....<<

it's logical, but unfortunately it is based on the assumption that it's possible to invert the phase of the audio simply by reversing the wires in an /unbalanced/ connector.

I can see what you're getting at, though. worth a try, but the phase inversion would need to be accomplished by more sophisticated means, like a phase-reverse switch on a mixer.

in any case, it's likely that there'd be some degree (NPI) of phase shift & delay between the output of the delay & it's own input, & that you'd likely hear some flanging-type artefacts taking this approach.

I have a feeling that the 100% feedback in the DL4's looper mode is accomplished in the digital domain, along with the feedback in the various echo modes; so even if you were to successfully mix in an inverted version of the loop in order to partially erase it, you'd have some flanging artefacts due to the A>D & D>A processes.

this is similar to what I do with the repeater- I have the feedback turned down & then send the repeater back into itself via an aux on my mixer. any effects &/or eq on the repeater's mixer channel are thus multiplied into the loop to a degree that I can control by balancing the "mixer" feedback against the repeater's own feedback. some flanging arfefacts do present themselves but are lost in the general melee.... :-)



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