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Re: overcoming fixed feedback ratios for e.g. DL4

Title: RE: overcoming fixed feedback ratios for e.g. DL4
>this is similar to what I do with the repeater- I have the feedback turned down & then send the repeater back into itself via an aux on my mixer. any
>effects &/or eq on the repeater's mixer channel are thus multiplied into the loop to a degree that I can control by balancing the "mixer" feedback against
>the repeater's own feedback. some flanging arfefacts do present themselves but are lost in the general melee.... :-)
I do something sort of like that with my setup.  I have a set of delays on each of the AUX sends out of my mixer and I run the outputs of those back into the channels on the mixer, I can then send them back around to the same set of delays, or to the other.  If I get it set just right, it'll play and evolve and do weird stuff for hours.
It looks sort of like this
Instrument input -> mixer -> Aux 1 -> Digitech 2 sec DDL -> Adrenalinn -> DL4 -> mixer channel 1/2
                                             -> Aux 2 -> Arion Stereo Delay -> RC20XL -> DD20 GigaDelay -> mixer channel 3/4
I can then send channel 1/2 to aux 2 and channel 3/4 to aux 1 and around and around she goes...
feedback heaven.