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foot-controller with Live 4 help?

Hey. I'm a newbee on the list, as well as in the loop-world. 

I have a question regarding Ableton Live 4 together with midi-footcontrollers wich I'm hoping someone could help me out with. I will use a Behringer FCB1010, and will mainly use it to launch and stop clips on stage with Live  (planning to get into live-looping later on, but for now I stay with pre-recorded loops...)  And it would be great if I did'nt have to keep track of wich is the on and off for every clip. Plus I would be able to controll more clips, obviously... 

So that's my question - is it possible to make a setup in live so that the same button on a midi-controller, most specific the FCB1010, turns a clip on and off?

As stated, I'm a total newbee on loops and midicontrolls, so a nice step by step solution (if there is any) would make me a happy boy...